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However, with a whole lotta CoD talk added to the otherwise survivalist chatter, I realised that even battle royale can be fun here. Sure, the principles remain the same, and just like before, coordination among the randomly grouped teammates was hilarious (everyone went their own way), but you now have the added flair of dealing with zombies, guns with eccentric paint, and cleverly designed maps that can offer you a lot of strategic standpoints such as high holding grounds. That said, it doesn’t let you dwell at a point even if you steer clear of human opponents, for the zombie hordes might just crawl up on you.

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With its own characteristics, Call of Duty: Mobile makes battle royale feel more than a survival-based cover-and-shoot game mode. There are a few things that seem more like overlooks from the dev team than shortcomings — items on the map (vans, for instance) that are inexplicably non-interactive, and paths on open fields that are inaccessible. It may very well have been one of the expected opening-week glitches, but apart from these, if PUBG has been your calling, Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale mode will be something that you will absolutely love.

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