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Easter is the Yearly celebration of Christ’s resurrection to life after his crucifixion and death the day is also called Resurrection Sunday.

As the word says Easter is related to the word East naturally pointing us to the sunrise to new days into new beginnings.

For many Easter is stripped down to the secular meaning for them Easter is a time to hide eggs and send children to find them it’s a time to recite the myth of the Easter Bunny eat candy take pictures and feast around the family table it’s a day to celebrate the start of spring and the rejuvenation of nature.

Such observations, if they go no further than this are a week shadow of – the real meaning of Easter they are as empty as a plastic egg and as hollow as a chocolate Easter Bunny Easter is a Christian holiday and Christian celebrations focus on the true meaning of Easter. The resurrection of Jesus Christ’s 2,000 years ago and the man died on a cross was buried and three days later rose to life again.

So this is the fact that why we celebrate Easter.

The meaning of Easter is that the Son of God paid the price for our sins and rose again to reconcile us to God.

Easter means that our greatest enemy

  • Death has been conquered
  • Our sins are forgiven and
  • We are made right with God

Christ is truly the king and Victor seated far above all rule and authority power and Dominion and every name that is invoked.

Meaning of Easter


The meaning of Easter is that Jesus is the lord of new beginnings new days and new lives.

Easter means that the incomprehensible power of God was on full display at the garden tomb where Christ lay that same power that raised him from the dead now works in us who believe.

The meaning of Easter is that God can move mountains splits restore life and roll the stone away.

Easter means that the poor in spirit will possess the kingdom of heaven the mourners will be comforted the meek will inherit the earth the seekers of righteousness will be filled the merciful will find mercy and the pure in heart will see God

The meaning of Easter is that the promises of God come true in Christ

Easter means that we can proclaim good news to the poor freedom to prisoners and sight for the blind we can set the oppressed free and announce the year of the Lord’s favor

The meaning of Easter is that the gospel is to be heralded far and wide.

Easter means that love is stronger than death love burns like a blazing fire like a mighty flame many glasses of water cannot quench love rivers cannot sweep it away it was for love that God gave His only Son and it was for love that Christ died on the cross.

meaning of Easter
Meaning of Easter
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It is for love that the risen Lord intercedes for his children Easter is From fluff Easter means there is hope for us after all as Jesus said because of life you also will live.

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